Ezarika Farron, Dragon's Bane



Male Elf Ranger 10
Chaotic Evil

Kill Count: 27
Boss Kills: 2
Character Kills: 1

Strength 12 : +1
Dexterity 22 : +6
Constitution 12 : +1
Intelligence 12 : +1
Wisdom 14 : +2
Charisma 12 : +1

Hit Points: 65

Armor Class: 36 = 10 + 5 [elven chain] + 2 [force shield] + 6 [dexterity] + 8 [Bracers] + 5 [Ring]
Touch AC: 21
Flat-footed: 30

Favored Enemy
Magical Beast → +2 damage
Humans → +6 damage
Dragons → +2 damage


Size: Medium
Height: 5’ 2"
Weight: 110 lb
Eyes: Red
Hair: Red
Skin: Light


Ezarika was nothing special. He was born in the same tree his parents were born in, lived in the same small town of Elfton in the Wulfwood, and learned what every elven child learned. To preserve life.

That is why it came as a shock when Ezarika picked up his first bow, and thinking it was a toy, shot his teacher in the heart from half a kilometer away. No one believed that a child could possess such talent, and that anyone with such talent would accidentally hit a mark that far way.

Ezarika only made matters worse for himself on the Day of the Leaf, the annual celebration of the budding of the Great Tree. Perceiving the enormous Griffon flying at break-neck speeds towards the village chieftain as a threat, Ezarika drew 2 arrows from his school quiver and planted one in each eye in a single shot. Unbeknownst to Ezarika, this Griffon was an honored guest, and had been an Elf-friend for many generation. This was the village’s final qualm.

He was banished from his elven brethren at a mere 13 years of age, bearing the mark of Elf-fiend to identify him to others.


His name was marked from the Histories, to be forgotten with the passage of time. Cast out without an understanding of his transgression, and only a vague understanding of morality, Ezarika turned to the one thing he was apparently good at, archery. He hunted for survival. He drew pleasure from every arrow loosed, and guilt from every mark struck. The internal turmoil would harden his heart, but it would never stop him from holding true to his childhood teachings: preserve life.

Then, something curious happened to Ezarika. While wandering near the village of Red Doe, he spotted a monstrously sized bear from the Wulfwood attacking an outlying farm. Drawing an arrow, Ezarika felled the beast with a shot to the left eye. The beast lay bloodied in the farmer’s field, and the farmer frantically looked around for his invisible savior. Ezarika learned something important that day.

He silently vowed to protect life with every arrow he shot.

Ezarika Farron, Dragon's Bane

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